Hunton Court


The Brief

Hunton Court is a beautiful building dating back to the early 17th century and is surrounded by the stunning Kent countryside, near to the County town of Maidstone. The site covers just over 100 acres of land and is hired out for a variety of events including the annual "Battle of the Nations" renactment day and for weddings, hosted in a marquee on the lawn. It is a substantial property and benefits from having a number of outbuildings along with a cottage.

The owners of Hunton Court had begun researching the diverse range of renewable energy solutions as they were keen to take advantage of them in order to not only cut their carbon emissions but also to try to reduce their energy bills, which in recent times had continued to rise.

The Challenge

The owners of Hunton Court employed local experts, Viridis Energie Consultants, to map out the potential renewable technology solutions. They were tasked with creating a feasibility report on the savings that could be achieved via the various energy options and the costings for installation. From these reports and after an in-depth consultation to discuss the results between the owners, their Estate Manager and Viridis Energie Consultants it was decided that solar PV was the most attractive proposition of the technologies on offer as it offered the future cost saving benefits and the great eco credentials that the owners were looking for. JPS were successful in their invitation to tender as they were considered to have the winning combination of offering a high quality specification, expertise and professionalism.


Working Together

JPS worked closely with the Estate Manager to ensure that the installation process was quick and efficient. It took just a week from start to finish - so the impact on the running of the business at Hunton Court was minimal.

The solar PV needed to supply the three main buildings on the estate - the main house, the cottage and the barn. JPS designed an installation that arranged three systems in one array offering, in total, 26.25Kw of power using 3 SMA inverters and 105 x 250w PV panels - all of which were mounted on a K2 mounting system. The supply was split 9.75 Kw supplying the main house, 9.5 Kw supplying the cottage and 7.0 Kw supplying the barn.

The Rewards

The combination of savings from electricity, the FIT payments and the export payments mean that Hunton Court can expect the installation to save around £5,300 per year. Over a 20 year period, taking into account both inflation and panel degradation, the benefit is expected to be £117,000