10 Panel 345Wp system with Powerwall

10 Panel 345Wp system with Powerwall

Solar PV systems aren’t just about making power or saving money, designed properly they offer true energy independence and peace of mind.

The systems are so safe and reliable when supplied by JPS, avoiding any high-voltage DC, monitoring and remote fault diagnostics, and with the TESLA Powewall, complete back up when the the grid goes down.

It was for these reasons this customer trusted JPS’ advice when it came to supporting his elderly mother who has been experiencing power outages on her home near Maidstone.

Our considerate design team listened to the customer’s needs and formulated a solution that was just right. As this client did not have huge power demands, but did need to have the level of autonomy when the grid would power down, a relatively modest 10 panel PV system coupled with the Powerwall should mean this lady will not have to worry about power interruptions again.

We’re super pleased with the results as this client now has the security of power independence, as well as virtually eliminating her need to rely on grid power at all.

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