105 x JA365 All black Solar Panels – Commercial Campus

105 x JA365 All black Solar Panels – Commercial Campus

Designed supplied and fully handed over by JPS within 3 months, this 105 panel system is now supplying around 40,000kWh per annum to this publishing campus near Maidstone.

With every panel operating on Enphase Microinverters the client is able to see where each kWh of electrical power is going and the latest data (feb 2022) is showing us that around 45% of the business needs are being produced by the system, even in this less productive month, this suggests that by the end of March and through until late October the PV system will generate 100% and more than the premises is using.

This has now prompted the client to investigate the benefits of battery storage. With the advantages of the system data we can now select a battery bank that is sized optimally, to maximise their ‘off-gird’ potential while keeping the cost under control. The power of the Enphase system is that any guesswork on battery sizing is taken out of the equation, and pragmatic business choices can be made with hard data to lean on.

Did we mention that the Enphase is the safest and most reliable inverter system on the market, removing the risk of fire by eliminating all high-voltage DC from the system.

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