10kWp Groundmount – Ashford

10kWp Groundmount – Ashford

If you are fortunate enough to have some spare ground then this can be a super cost-effective and highly productive route towards using solar PV.

This customer, situated at a high elevation near Ashford, recently moved into his new property and has aspirations to run some holiday lets and have his energy needs be as self-sustainable as possible.

We recommended a 10kWp system, which was sized correctly for the home as well as providing some spare capacity in the system for future expansion of use in the property. He was also very keen on the TESLA Powerwall and again, for this size of system and profile it was a great match.

Click through the photos on the left here and you will be able to see the reporting from his Enphase Microinverters for a very average day in March, where the customer was still 81% off-grid. A brilliant result!

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