11 Panel System – Isle of Sheppey

11 Panel System – Isle of Sheppey

Over the years JPS have installed a good number of Solar Panel systems on the Isle of Sheppey, the region shows excellent output and many of our customers there have great roof spaces with plenty of sky to enjoy!

This 11 panel system in Minster on Sea is a good example, by picking the most powerful panel for the space and working around the roof features we are able to deploy a system that will squeeze maximum yield from the roof, important indeed in an environment of ever rising electricity prices.

The system uses Enphase microinverters to make sue that any shading that is occurring due to the presence of the chimney is mitigated as much as possible and will not impair the whole system performance.

Talk to us about how Enphase can assist you with any shading issues you might have on your roof space.

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