12 module system in Faversham

12 module system in Faversham

Here at JPS we go to great lengths to understand the technologies we supply and install so that you can get maximum lifespan and power from your system with minimal worry.

This 12 panel system deployed across 4 different roof spaces on this property in Faversham is a great example of what can be achieved with the Enphase microinverter system.

With each module acting fully independently, it is possible to position panels on any aspect that catches good light and enjoy the full benefit from it. Also, with the excellent monitoring that comes with the system you will be able to compare each module’s performance against the others, so you can see for yourself the difference between the West facing and the South facing panels for example, such as on this property. You would be pleasantly surprised how well panels perform on all aspects of the roof!

This customer was also concerned about roosting birds, so we attached a birdguard at time of install to deter unwanted guests. 

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