6.5kWh system with Solar Skirting & TESLA Powerwall

6.5kWh system with Solar Skirting & TESLA Powerwall

This customer found us via the TESLA owners club, for whom we are the club recommended supplier for solar PV, car charger and TESLA battery products  You can find us listed here amongst some great names such as Pirelli tyres and Octopus Energy https://teslaownersgroup.co.uk/directory-home

The couple had recently moved into a brand new home in Oxfordshire and was also the proud owner of two TESLA vehicles. However, as is so often the case, the developer had made no allocation on the property for renewable energy, despite the aspect and space being perfect for a PV system.

Our designer was able to visit and assess the property, and determined that the main roof could fit 9 modules while the adjoining garage could accommodate a further 12, all on a good SSW aspect. Taking into account the grey coloured tile and while discussing options with the customer it was determined that the all black module was certainly the best visual choice, while a PV surround as you can see in the image makes for a really attractive while cost effective finish, and will discourage birds from possibly making their home under the system!

Now furnished with a 19 module system, coupled with a TESLA Powerwall, the customer is now fixed to enjoy the benefits of 6000kWh of their own generated, on site power every year. To put that into perspective, the average UK home uses around 4200kWh per year. This powerful system will work for decades to come, thanks to the Enphase Microinverters used as well as the very reliable module selected from a globally renowned manufacturer, in this case JA Solar.

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