16 Modules on Slate, Broadstairs

16 Modules on Slate, Broadstairs

This customer had a beautifully renovated property in Broadstairs and was looking for a high output solution which did not compromise the roof integrity.

By using the best installation methods in the industry and always picking the right products for the job, the customer was happy to appoint JPS to undertake the work. 

Tying in seamlessly with the roof line on this shallower pitch, this all black module, over-roof system will keep working for decades to come. Installed using the 25 year warrantied Enphase Microinverters, the customer can see how the whole system is performing, down to each panel, and understands exactly when he is producing, consuming, importing and exporting each kilowatt in his property.

We are very proud of the results, knowing we have brought this property up to spec for the 21st century.

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