16 x JA495Wp East West Split

16 x JA495Wp East West Split

A commonly misunderstood point, panels have to face south.

Not the case, panels have to do the job that suits the client best.

In many cases, deploying a system on an East/West low inclination satisfies far more customers than a high incline south facing system.

Fit more equipment, generating a higher yield overall.

Produce a more even amount of power over the course of each day, instead of a big midday spike.

Keep the system hidden.

Less ballasting means cheaper and less stress on the structure.

Let JPS guide you to the best solution for you. We really care about the customer’s lived experience with their PV, and we recommend the kind of systems that we would install if we were fitting on our own homes.

We pride ourselves on making sure you spend your money wisely on something you will want to tell your friends and colleagues about, and all provable with the system monitoring straight onto your smart phone.

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