16x Sunpower 415Wp Solar Panels – Tonbridge

16x Sunpower 415Wp Solar Panels – Tonbridge

Sunpower have long been considered the highest quality solar panel available to the general consumer and their latest panel, yeilding an unbeatable 415W at peak, tells an interesting story.

It is the first Sunpower panel to be built with an inverter system built-in to the module directly. There are several products Sunpower could have used in this case, but they decided to opt for the Enphase Microinverter.

When the most technically adept panel manufacturer choses a product to marry with their panel, they would not enter into this lightly; Sunpower will have tested and investigated all the optimiser and microinverter options very closely before making this crucial decision, and the fact they chose Enphase gives us great confidence that we too are always offering the most reliable, powerful and safe inverter system available.

Couple Sunpower with Enphase for the finest solar PV system you can fit.

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