16xJA Solar Panels on a Timber Frame Garage

16xJA Solar Panels on a Timber Frame Garage

Detached garages that already have electrical feeds out to them for lights and plug sockets are excellent candidates for solar PV deployment.

Furthermore, they often have walls that catch a lot of sun too, and these areas can be used to take full advantage of solar energy.

As you can see here, an additional 2 modules, vertically mounted and delivering an extra 700W at peak output, allows you to get really up close to the panel and see the high level of detail that goes into the working heart of a solar panel, we think it looks great and the customer is exceptionally happy with his choice.

Coupling this system with both a Zappi car charger and Eddi Hotwater Power diverter, the customer will also be installing a TESLA Powerwall Battery to fully shield him from grid failures and provide the most power autonomy

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