2 x TESLA Powerwall

2 x TESLA Powerwall

For the ultimate energy independence scenario, executed in style, 2 x TESLA Powerwall batteries.

Couple this with a PV system designed and sized by our experts and enjoy virtual grid-independence.

With a huge 10kW of charge/discharge, full home islanding in the event of power interruptions, and a massive 27kWh of storage capacity.

Watch the system from your phone, set your minimum charge limits, charge overnight at extremely cheap rates, with remote updates directly from TESLA and second-to-none engineering; with cell preconditioning, intelligent algorithmic autonomy and the knowledge of over a billion miles travelled with TESLA vehicles on this battery architecture. Power your home with supreme confidence.

JPS have been approved partner since 2019 and are the approved installer for the UK TESLA Vehicle Owners Club.

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