20 Module system with Enphase – Edenbridge

20 Module system with Enphase – Edenbridge

Do you have a pool house, garden office, stable or even a large shed that you think would be useful for solar PV? Well the truth is that these locations are often the perfect fit for systems, and with the right level of forethought and structural checks they can be!

This customer near Edenbridge has the enjoyment of an outside pool which uses a large amount of electrical energy across the summer; having installed 11 panels with us last year he returned to install a further 20 all black modules on his pool house.

Already electrified in this building, using the Enphase microinverter system makes this kind of install so painlessly straightforward, all the produced power is delivered straight into the poolhouse but from there it will feed all electrical consumption throughout the whole home, so it can be produced here at the end of the garden, but still power the microwave in the kitchen!

Once again, an incredible fit, with the modules proving to be almost custom made for the roof size and making the whole effect visually perfect!

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