21 Solar Panel System with TESLA

21 Solar Panel System with TESLA

With a challenging multi-aspect Roof on a prestigious property in South East London, this customer engaged with JPS to see how he might be able to best utilise his slate roof to create his own power, while not detracting from the look of the property.

After an enlightening phone call with one of our friendly team the customer felt encouraged to have us come out and take a closer look and go over some of the technical challenges we would need to overcome and see what might be possible for him.

The result is a 21 panel system, mostly hidden from street view and deployed across 3 distinct roof areas, with the frontal area shown in the image being deployed in-roof, which was perfectly flashed and finished by our dedicated in-house team. His Powerwall Battery will be cellar mounted and we needed to run no cabling whatsoever in the main living areas of the property. The lack of a loft was no impediment to deployment either.

Completed in 2 days and with all preparation work for his soon-to-arrive TESLA Powerwall Battery, this customer has already seen great output from his system in late October, which bodes very well for the return of the Spring and the many years of operation ahead.

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