26 x JA 385Wp Solar Panel System

26 x JA 385Wp Solar Panel System

A full home PV system on two elevations for maximum output with a TESLA Powerwall II battery.

  • Manage multiple roof aspects with complete understanding and genuine maximum power point tracking, with the indispensable Enphase Microinverter system.
  • 98% of our customers agree with us and use Enphase for their PV installations to manage the inverting from DC at the panel to AC for home usage.
  • 25 year product warranty on each inverter and an unbeatable real-world track record of reliability.
  • Achieve maximum yield from each panel, regardless of its location.
  • Watch your whole system from your phone with a comprehensive system map.
  • Designed by experts in California, Enphase is used in around 50% of home installations in the USA and is an extremely well regarded global brand, with a dedicated European and UK based support team.
  • See all import and export into and out of the home at all times, with downloadable reporting for extremely detailed data should you wish to explore it.
  • No high voltage DC power anywhere in the system makes it the safest inverter system on the market, bar none.

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