36 Panel System with TESLA

36 Panel System with TESLA

A wonderful opportunity to help this customer utilise his roof space optimally to offset his very sizeable electricity bill and future-proof his property.

With a home office, new TESLA vehicle as well as the other trappings of daily family life, this customer has just seen their bills creep up over time and knew they had room to utilise some solar PV on their property.

We worked closely with them to identify 5 different areas where PV could be installed, for a total of 36 modules. This included a customer made timber building for a soon-to-be-arriving hot tub, which was built by the client himself to a spec to allow a perfect fit for the PV modules, a wonderful bespoke project!

This system is coupled with a TESLA powerwall and Zappi car charger to ensure maximum in-property usage of the energy generated, and the customer is already having full days off-grid now thanks to the equipment (March 2021)

We are extremely pleased with the results and our client is looking forward to his new energy-independent lifestyle!

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