44xJA385 + TESLA Powerwall

44xJA385 + TESLA Powerwall

A stunning, ultra modern home located near Horsmonden in Kent, is now making great use of its expansive roof space with an impressive 44 panel PV system from JPS Renewable Energy.

Deployed on the standing seam using all the prescribed MCS compliant mounting materials, and utilising our trusted combination of JA modules with Enphase Microinverters, this system is set to yield around 16,000kWh of electricity annually.

Even in December, this system will yield on average 16kWh of power per day, which is 1.5x the needs of the average UK home. Really remarkable!

It uses the TESLA Powerwall II battery unit as a back up; when this combination of equipment is deployed along with the adoption of an up-to-date smart tariff, the reliance on the grid and the costs to power the home can be extraordinarily small when compared to a traditional grid-tied property.

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