46 x LG360Wp Panels and 2 x Powerwall

46 x LG360Wp Panels and 2 x Powerwall

This pool house adjoining a home in West Mersea was an ideal candidate for a PV system, but with a slate tile on a very high-specification build the customer wanted to engage with a reputable company with the right capability to deliver the project.

What you see here is 34 roof mounted modules alongside 12 ground mounted modules for a total 46 panel system, using the LG360Wp all black panel this array is set to yield in excess of 16,000kWh per annum, and since being fitted in mid 2020 it has demonstrated some fantastic output figures.

Notice the system is edged with a specialist solar skirting, not only for pest deterrence but also to give it a perfect visual finish. Underneath, all slate flashing work was undertaken over the course of 1 week by our expert in house team.

Operating on the Enphase Microiverter system for maximum yield and system understanding, this system also utilises 2 x Zappi car chargers rated at 22kW each along with 2 TESLA Powerwall batteries running through the TESLA Gateway, providing up to 27kWh of back up power.

The whole system can be monitored and configured from the client’s tablet and phone.

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