5.95kWp Solar PV System in Otford

5.95kWp Solar PV System in Otford

This very nice customer in Otford near Sevenoaks was referred to us by a previous client. 

They knew that they had usable roof space for a PV system and were keen to enjoy the same savings and environmental advantages as our other customer, but were unsure on how many or where the modules might be positioned.  

After a brief but pleasant meeting at their property, our designer was able to identify pitched and flat roof areas that could accommodate 17 panels in total, the vast bulk of which were totally invisible from the road.

As you can see in the images to the left, the Enphase monitoring now shows the customer has some days where over 60% of their electricity needs is covered by the system, and this is without a battery! Which may be easily retrofitted in the future should the customer decide to trap all of that produced power inside the home.

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