50 x Solar Panels Isle of Sheppey

50 x Solar Panels Isle of Sheppey

50 independently controlled Longi350Wp panels deployed across 14 individual roof areas, all protected with black coloured birdguard meshing. What a great project to work on.

Our client sounded out a few installers before trusting our advice on the best way to tackle his property. He had an existing PV system which he felt was ready for an upgrade; at the same time he was looking at installing more equipment to cover his very sizable electricity bills. JPS helped refresh the old system, upgrading the panels, using Enphase microinverters and simultaneously expanded what had been a 4kWp array up to an ultra-modern 18kWp array. JPS dealt with all the network applications as part of our standard fitting service, the customer was kept informed throughout, has been supported by us since fitting and the whole job was handled by our experienced and professional in-house teams.

You can read the customer’s review here https://uk.trustpilot.com/reviews/611cbbf251602952de96ec81

The system was coupled with an Eddi hotwater power diverter and 2 x Zappi 7kW car chargers, we love these Myenergi products as they are user friendly, British deigned and made and well supported by the Myenergi team.

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