6.8kWp LG Solar & TESLA Powerwall II

6.8kWp LG Solar & TESLA Powerwall II

This is a perfect example of what can be achieved with the design skills and forethought of JPS.

This stunning system uses the top range LG380Wp solar module, deployed in-roof on the East and West aspects of this fine property in Rusper. It is coupled with the TESLA Powerwall II battery.

This particular customer has historically used around £15 of electricity per day, due to the property being fully electric.

Through a combination of the solar PV, battery and accessing a new smart TESLA tariff, this customer has seen that daily cost come down to just around £3.50 per day, which is a stunning level of cost saving.

The client will recoup his whole investment within 5 years and has made an incredible enhancement to the home at the same time, there is no other home improvement that can match these solar panel systems for visual appeal and value for money; homes can be made ultra modern and almost fully energy independent

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