84 x 420Wp Solar Panels – Gillingham

84 x 420Wp Solar Panels – Gillingham

This client in Gillingham is running a successful plumbing component supplier with a 6 day a week trade desk and warehouse.

Like many businesses they are concerned by rising energy prices and have a huge roof that was perfect for PV.

By engaging with JPS we have been able to design a system that is optimal to cover their energy needs while also staying on budget for them

84 x 420Wp solar modules deployed on their trapezoidal sheet roof will provide an amazing 34,000kWh per year, enough to power 8 typical UK homes, this is coupled with a 3 Phase Solax battery bank with 17kWh of storage, to keep their business servers and other small loads running off-grid overnight.

With the recent jump in energy prices this system is due to return its cost within 5 years and will provide around 80% annual power autonomy.

As usual it uses the Enphase Microinverter system to allow for per panel monitoring from the ground and to make the system safe and resistant to fault and failure.

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