9 x JA345Wp – Tonbridge

9 x JA345Wp – Tonbridge

A hipped roof with a smaller plain tile can be a little more challenging than usual due to the space constraint as well as making sure the roof is suitably weatherproofed post-install.

As you can see here for this Tonbridge project, our designer was able to pick a module that would fit a double row under the chimney and above the small, felted window feature, perfectly.

Comprising 9 x JA solar panels operating on Enphase microinverters, this system will yield in excess of 3200kWh per annum just from this roof alone.

Coupled with an Eddi intelligent hot water switch we anticipate that for this customer’s usage profile, practically all of this power will be used within the property and come straight off of the billing; with no need for a battery.

Note also, the specialist tile flashing pieces you can see here which mounts the system. It is this attention to detail and use of the right products in the right scenario that gives our customer such confidence in our work and approach.

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