Bexhill 8 Panel Solar PV Installation

Bexhill 8 Panel Solar PV Installation

This customer near Bexhill found us via a google search and chose to call us to get our opinion on a battery quote for his existing 8 panel PV system.

During a pleasant phone conversation we discussed the two other quotes he had already received from two other local installers. It transpired that these other installers had not supplied any rationale for the batteries they had chosen, with no regard to sizing the units appropriately to his existing system, and offered scant detail on the equipment they had selected and why.

Upon further investigation we discovered that both installers had simply picked the cheapest battery units on the market and were coupling this with a very standard inverter, which would provide little understanding of how the system was functioning with the client’s usage and production.

JPS offered an alternative which we felt was right for the client given his characteristics and his budget. Furthermore the customer thought his shed would be a useful place to deploy some further panels, and upon inspection we agreed.

In the end, we increased the customers system output by 40% and provided him with a battery that is just right for his needs, in the form of the Alphabattery fully enclosed unit, with built in BMS and 5kWh of storage. The customer has been extremely impressed with the service from start to finish, despite an unexpected delay in his battery unit due to very high demand with the manufacturer.

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