Commercial Solar Panel Installation – Green Street, Gillingham

Commercial Solar Panel Installation – Green Street, Gillingham


Having already seen, first hand, the advantages of solar PV on other properties that he owns, Mr Gauld was keen to add them to the building in Green Street, an ex Local Authority Adult Education Centre. 

Work took a total of 14 days – including repairing the roof areas where necessary, installing the mountings, carrying out the required electrical work and mounting the panels. Solarworld panels manufactured in Germany were fitted with Enphase Micro Inverters. A key feature of the proposal by JPS to Mr Gauld, the inverters ensure that the property gains the best return on investment on the capital outlay.

Initially, the electricity costs of the property will be reduced substantially. Coupled with this will be a quarterly payment by Mr Gauld’s FIT provider for the electrical supply.

I have been keen to utilise the very best in renewable technology across my portfolio for some time. The inclusion of the micro inverters has meant that, even with the unpredictable British weather, I am assured the highest yield possible. Combine this with the great work JPS did when planning the installation and I’m very impressed with the work they have carried out. Completely professional, with my business needs at the heart of all their actions, I would highly recommend others to look at JPS for a smooth planning and installation process with great, guaranteed financial rewards.


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