Crawley Solar Panel Installation

Crawley Solar Panel Installation

Attractive and highly productive addition to garden workshop.

This customer near Crawley came to us via a Solar Comparison site, where he was able to compare three different installers.

Initially he had thought about using his pitched and tiled garage roof, however, once there we were able to advise him that the metal sheet roof of his garden workshop was really the ideal candidate. Less costly to install on, more productive as it had a great clear view around it, and ultimately more attractive, as the modules are virtually a perfect fit!

All things considered he chose to go with JPS as we showed the best technical knowledge, paid attention to what the customer wanted to achieve, and we were also great value.

This 6kWp system is offsetting a huge chunk of his home’s energy demands, and while we advised against a battery in the first instance, as we suspected he might not have much left over energy to actually make us of one, he is now considering a TESLA Powerwall II unit to capture what overspill there is from the PV, as well as use it to access the cheaper tariffs provided by suppliers such as Bulb and Octopus.

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