Groundmount Solar PV St Mary’s Bay

Groundmount Solar PV St Mary’s Bay

This very nice customer has been suffering very heavy electricity bills for years and really wanted to do something to offset them, but they also have a very prestigious home which limited the roof spaces that they would be prepared to install on.

Walking the site with the customer, we determined that there was a patch of the garden that they were more than happy to give up, as well as a valley space that would be practically invisible, and between these areas, we could generate a good amount of power to couple with their TESLA Powerwall battery bank that they were also keen to install. 

In total, 26 modules generating over 9500kWh per annum have been installed at this property, enough power to run two, average UK properties. The client is extremely pleased with the results and is watching his level of power autonomy daily from the apps on his phone that come with these excellent systems, giving you a full understanding of exactly how your system is performing for you once it is in a running.

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