Mid Terrace London Property HMO

Mid Terrace London Property HMO

It is a real pleasure for us to design and supply perfectly constructed systems that are just right for every client.

This customer owns and operates a series of HMOs (Homes of Multiple Occupancy), some of which are in London locations where terraced properties with smaller roofs or dormas are very prevalent. 

Our design team was able to accurately assess the available roof spaces and deploy the maximum amount of modules to harvest the most energy for the property. Totalling 16 modules and delivering over 5200kWh per annum, due to the nature of the dwelling virtually all of this power will be immediately consumed in the property, granting the landlord just under £1000 per annum in savings.

Batteries were not required and were not recommended. We see projects from the customer’s point of view, and will not try to upgrade systems with unnecessary extras if they do not make sense.

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