New Home Solar Panel System, Headcorn

New Home Solar Panel System, Headcorn

Based in a new property in Headcorn in Kent and looking to futureproof themselves against energy price rises while being as off-grid as possible, this customer engaged with us here at JPS having found us online.

By paying close attention to the client’s hopes for the system, while interpreting the roof space and layout of the home, our designer was able to select a blend of components that should work perfectly to achieve just the right result for this customer.

A very powerful PV system comprising 16 units of JA495Wp solar panels, this system will yield in excess of 7500kWh per annum, not far short of 2 average UK home’s needs, it has been coupled with a Givenergy 8.2kWh battery. This unit is so useful as it has a great user interface, allowing you to force-charge from the grid when power is cheap and dispense it the following day when you need it, as well as acting as a great power-sink for excess PV energy, trapping it and returning it to you when you want it.

This whole system runs with Enphase microinverters, allowing the customer to see each solar panel operating and reaching its own maximum power point, maximising yield and providing complete peace of mind and understanding of what the system is doing.

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