Power optimised PV system in North London

Power optimised PV system in North London

This customer came to us as she had been hearing contradictory information from a few installers she had been communicating with, most notably about the number of modules the roof could actually fit.

She had 3 different areas of usable roof space, two dorma style flat roofs, and an area of pitched roof facing over the rear garden, but with the areas being tricky to access and of unusual shape. She had been told that she could install 16 panels across the roof area, but even a quick desktop appraisal by our surveyor revealed this to be highly unlikely!

We visited the property and took measurements and images, went away and worked on some drawings, we even had one of our install teams come by a few days later and check a second time all as part of the consultation process, free of charge. Despite all this it was still down to the centimetre as to whether it might be 9, 10 or 12 modules across the roof spaces.

The customer was impressed and keen to proceed, so we furnished her with all the pricing criteria dependent upon the final number of installed panels, be it 9, 10, 11 or 12, and arranged that we would install as many as possible on the day, to maximise the roof for her.

On the day of install everything went perfectly and the final fitted system consisted of 10 modules, safely and securely deployed. The customer was totally satisfied and knew exactly the balance to pay upon completion.

The final system output was still an impressive 3.45kWp, thanks to the latest higher output modules, this system will generate as much power as a 16 panel PV system from 2011.

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