PV and Tesla Powerwall Install, Whitstable

PV and Tesla Powerwall Install, Whitstable

We really love what we get to do here at JPS, designing and supplying genuinely high quality installations at a great price. From the designers to the installers, PV is our hobby as well as our daily work and we all find it very rewarding. We often look at your project from the perspective of ‘what would I do if I were you’, and consider systems from the point of view of power, efficiency, visuals, user experience and of course good value for money.

This customer in Whitstable is a great example. Now working from home throughout the week, concerned around power interruptions and the owner of a new electric vehicle, they are like many thousands of people who have seen their circumstances change in recent months and want to secure themselves against higher power usage, while also bringing their home into the 21st century, and have it look good all at the same time.

Our solution for them was a super-impressive 10.4kWp system, combined with a TESLA Powerwall II and a Zappi car charger. Looking to produce around 10,000kWh per annum, which when combined with some of the latest energy tariffs available will completely eliminate this customer’s electricity bill, with no standing charge either! That is a full home office, normal day to day energy usage and an electric car, all running for free.

in fact they were so pleased with everything they left us a review which you can read here: https://www.trustatrader.com/traders/jps-renewable-energy-ltd-solar-energy-maidstone

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