PV system with Powerwall II – Biggin Hill

PV system with Powerwall II – Biggin Hill

This customerĀ foundĀ us via a google search and was keen to ask our advice on PV and potentially a battery after undertaking a lot of internet research and uncovering a host of differing and contradictory opinions.

Our designer was happy to spend over an hour with the customer answering all their questions around panel options, the advantages and disadvantages of different inverter types and the latest information on batteries. Our in house experts have worked at the forefront of the industry for 10 years and have a lot of inside knowledge about products that you may not hear from other companies.

It is very important to us that we supply to well informed customers, when making a substantial investment such as this into PV and batteries, which when installed correctly and with the right equipment should perform fantastically with practically no maintenance for decades to come, the customer should have full confidence in both the system as well as us the installer.

This system was providing 79% power autonomy in early November, which is incredible, We are looking forward to watching this system as it continues to deliver into the new year, when the sun returns to produce even more energy!

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