Solar Installation with Tesla Powerwall

Solar Installation with Tesla Powerwall

This customer came to us via an internet comparison site for Solar PV, with JPS being one of three companies to contact him.

Our lead surveyor visited the customer and offered a genuine, professional opinion on what would suit both the property and the customer’s energy use patterns best.

After an enjoyable hour looking through other systems via our online monitoring tool where the customer had the chance to see existing system’s real life performance that gave him a genuine insight into exactly what he might expect, a combination of JA325Wp all black mono modules with a TESLA Powerwall seemed like the perfect fit from his opinion too! After discussing the approximate price, the surveyor went away, produced the quote and emailed it over within 24 hours.

The customer found that the other companies neither had the same wide and adaptable product range nor were they able to back up their claims as rigorously when it came to how the system would actually function when it was in and running. They were also more expensive. Neither other company took the visuals of the system into consideration, and offered limited considered opinion on how the system would look on the roof, which JPS feel is a crucial aspect to buying any PV system.

Since installation the customer has been 95% off grid. The whole system will almost certainly outlast 25 years with no maintenance issues.

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