A truly modern and attractive home PV system, power your house and 2 electric vehicles!

A truly modern and attractive home PV system, power your house and 2 electric vehicles!

We were approached by this customer in Esher who had PV on their previous home, had enjoyed a great experience with it and wanted to have a system on their new home.

The customer was under the impression that they would just replicate their old 4kWp system somehow on this property, as that was all that was possible, but over the course of a pleasant meeting with our designer, where we examined the home’s usage, the roof aspects that were available and the demands of their two electric vehicles, we were able to help them select a solution which would be about 3x as productive and much more in keeping with the home’s aspect.

This beautiful 32 module, in-roof system was installed over three days while working alongside the customer’s own roofer who was doing other improvement works. The modules replace a large swathe of the tiles which reduced improvement costs, and made for a stunning finish across three roof aspects.

The system will generate around 11,000kWh per year, enough to power 3 average UK homes, but in this case, thanks for power control devices from MyEnergi, intelligently augmenting both car charging and hot water within the property, as well as feeding all the appliances within the home, this customer will enjoy the benefit of the vast bulk of this power as a direct saving from having to buy in grid power.

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