Solar Panel Installation, Kingswood

Solar Panel Installation, Kingswood

This customer approached us as some recent home improvements had resulted in a big increase in his electrical consumption.

JPS had an initial phone conversation with the customer and reviewed the property online. We determined we were likely to be able to install around a 5.5kWp system and gave the customer a close price right then over the phone, along with a realistic understanding of the potential savings.

The customer was pleased with the possible system and invited us to undertake a survey. Upon closer inspection of the property and working closely with the customer’s guidance as to where could be best utilised on the roof, we were able to select a panel which would deliver the most power from the available roof space and could be deployed across three different aspects thanks to the Enphase Microinverter system. The final system output was 5.85kWp system.

The installation was completed in 1 day and we are now monitoring the system remotely alongside the customer who can watch all import/export and panel production from his mobile phone. Over the coming months we can use this data to make a determination as to whether a battery system might bring him added benefit.

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