Solar PV System – Flat Roof Installation for NHS, Coxheath

Solar PV System – Flat Roof Installation for NHS, Coxheath


JPS are proud to have delivered a Solar Photovoltaic (PV) system for our local NHS trust.

This Coxheath clinic wanted to make best use of its flat roof space to generate their own on-site energy to feed directly into the premises in order to reduce their need for grid-fed electrical power. The PV system feeds renewable electricity directly into the clinic’s electrical distribution board, providing free power which is consumed straight away by the many electrical appliances used daily within the building.

JPS, with our many years of experience and know how regarding how to best utilise all manner of roof types, recommended a range of PV panel and a specialised flat-roof mounting system which was perfect for the clinic’s needs.

The mounting system is non-penetrative and raised above the flat roof surface on rubberised feet, meaning the system effectively eliminates any possibility at all of rain water leakage into the roof. The presence of the panels in this configuration even protects the underlying felt for UV degradation, extending the life of the roof itself.

The panels use ultra-modern Enphase Mircoinverters to feed 230V AC down into the clinic. Keeping DC voltages well below arc-level within the system and allowing us to remotely monitor performance and any potential safety issues. The clinic can now enjoy worry free, PV power for decades to come with practically no ongoing maintenance costs.

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