Solar Slate Installation Cornwall

Solar Slate Installation Cornwall

Building high specification homes from new or undertaking roofing overhauls is the perfect time to think about how PV can be integrated into the property. 

This customer wanted to make sure they engaged with a properly competent installer to undertake this work on their home in East Cornwall, so we sent a dedicated team to install and commission this 5kWp system using the GBSol solar slate product, a UK designed and manufactured solar slate that we have used in the past.

Completed over the course of 1 week, this system uses the top tier SMA MPPT inverter to make every effort to ensure smooth and long lasting operation from this stunning system. 

As you can see, the solar slates are only just distinguishable from the genuine slate, enough to evidence the roof is a generator while still being extremely streamline and visually perfect.

Talk to us about these systems for you own home and enjoy luxurious power autonomy in style.

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