Tesla Powerwall Installation, Whitstable

Tesla Powerwall Installation, Whitstable


Use all of your PV electricity in your home, let none escape!

Your PV produced power is worth about 3 or 4 times as much to you when used in your home than when exported to the grid.

(Based on average S.E.G rate of 3.8p per kWh and Electricity cost of 16.4p/kWh)

Our customer, Mr Hughes of Whitstable, returned to us after about 1 year of enjoying his 16 LG365Wp Solar modules, looking for a way to increase his, already impressive, 40% energy savings.

After assessing his export data and looking at his usage habits, it was determined that a TESLA Powerwall II comprising 13.5kWh of storage at 100% depth-of-discharge was the best match for his needs.

After a one day installation, with the unit mounted pride of place in the back garden and the TESLA gateway sitting neatly behind his front door, Mr Hughes is now expecting to be effectively off grid for 9 months of the year!

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