Tunbridge Wells PV Installation

Tunbridge Wells PV Installation

This customer in Tunbridge Wells came to us via a Solar Comparison company, with JPS being one of three different installers requested to provide advice and a quote.

We immediately identified over the phone on the initial conversation that the roof was a little awkward given its size and shape, and that the customer’s energy demand warranted as much power output as possible.

Our designer advised a mixture of modules. 6x 410Wp (2m long) over a row of 3x 345Wp (1.65m long) modules.


The modules were to be mounted so high they would be out of sight, and so the size difference would not be an aesthetic problem.

Furthermore, it squeezed the maximum potential from the available roof space, at best cost.

Despite this, we still chose a range of modules which are visually a close match. Beacause if a job’s worth doing it’s worth doing right! 

The system uses Enphase microinverters and the customer is extremely pleased with the results, monitoring the whole system, down to each panel, from his phone.

“JPS was the only company that even suggested using an oversized hi-power panel, or microinverters. While this equipment was a little more expensive than what others were offering, we had confidence that they were the right company for the job by the way they approached the design, with our specific needs in mind”

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