Quality comes as standard

Choosing a solar panel system is literally a once-in-a-lifetime decision. You have to consider the durability of the components to withstand the rigours of at least 20 years of British weather, so it’s important to choose quality.

By choosing JPS you can have total peace of mind in your solar panel system, because we only install components that are widely considered to be the best on the market.

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Premium Range

Founded in 1996, REC Group is an international pioneering solar energy
company dedicated to empowering consumers with clean, affordable
solar power. As Solar’s Most Trusted, REC is committed to high quality,
innovation, and a low carbon footprint in the solar materials and solar
panels it manufactures. Headquartered in Norway with operational
headquarters in Singapore.

REC – Alpha Pure Black Series

  • 20-Year Product Warranty
  • 25-Year Performance Warranty
  • 21.6 – 21.9 Panel Efficiency
  • Environmentally friendly, lead-free panel
  • Excellent Temperature Coefficient

Standard Range

JA Solar was founded in 2005 and its products are sold to over 120 countries and regions. On the strength of its continuous technological innovation, JA Solar has been highly recognized by authoritative associations in the industry as a leading global manufacturer of high-performance PV products.

  • 12 year product warranty
  • A wide range of all weather panels available to fit the specifics of your installation
  • High power output
  • Lower temperature coefficient
  • Anti PID technology*
  • Each module has been extensively tested before delivery
*Dependent on module used

Once we’ve surveyed your property we will be able to provide you with suitable options from the ranges we supply that best suit your requirements.

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